Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chin Chin Gutierrez,, Carlo Morales & James Blanco Star in ‘Watawat’ Trailer

Checkout the full trailer of of the film "Watawat", a full length historical drama film about the making of the Philippine flag.

The story highlights the "contribution of Marcela Agoncillo, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio, the film traverses through history, retelling tales of bravery and nationalism as Philippine Independence is achieved".

Cast includes Chin Chin Gutierrez, Carlos Morales, James Blanco, Monsour del Rosario, Mercedes Cabral, DJ Durano, Justin Cuyugan, Mosang, Dan Fernnadez, Angie Ferro, Nathan Lopez, Maricar Madrid, Mara Lopez, Gigi Pirote, Dick Lindayag, Herminia Concpecion, Fria Rivas and Directed by Dave Cecilio.


  1. I saw this movie last Saturday - it was amazing,we watched it because we were advised to :)It was really great and I think you should all watch !

  2. haist sayang yung binayad namin sa WATAWAT movie kasi almost 90min. lang kulang

  3. mka-inip.. mka bored panuorin.. sayang entrance fee.. Ahayhay..

  4. kung interasado kayo, maeenjoy niyo kung hindi naman talgang sayang ang bayad niyo. people from the past sacrificed their lives to give our country freedom and kustice, the least you can do is atleast appreciate it.

  5. This is a nice movie about our heroes who did and sacrificed a lot for our country's freedom. You should watch it and see how the Philippines flag was formed.


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